Keith Varney - Ceramics


My hand built, folded and constructed objects explore form, line, texture and shade. The interplay of changing light and the viewer’s perspective give rise to a shift in perception of the forms; their translucent nature allows the interiors to reflect a sense of luminosity.

Porcelain is a challenging material to work with but the qualities of its surface, its translucency and almost ethereal nature when used in eggshell thin sheets has driven me to investigate its wide potential. By combining elements of slip casting, hand building and origami, I have developed a technique that produces distinctive sculptural objects.

I work intensively and methodically, absorbed in processes on the very edge of the material possibilities of porcelain. The objects are then fired almost to the point of melting. This carries some risk but produces a seductive and organic movement of the forms as they are affected by the intense heat.

I also produce a closely related body of work sharing similar concerns:

Slip cast bone china sculptural vessels, produced in limited editions. The faceted flowing forms, created through intuitive mark making, are animated by light and shade. These translucent and pure white vessels, the result of the interplay of material and process, posses a natural organic quality and the diamond polished silky surfaces are invitingly tactile.

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